Tuesday, May 25, 2010

unexpected day off

and aren't those just the best kind?! and it is because Oasis, ie. the Ass of the Seas is not coming into port today so we don't have two full trips of the stupidest tourists to float around the Caribbean!

none of this shit today, thank god!

to do today:
  • straighten this hot mess we call a bedroom in anticipation of visitors tomorrow (yes, more! yay!)
  • get more water since the cistern still tastes a little *off* - may be the coki frogs and cucarachas? mmm!
  • surf teh internets for tickets to jamaica under $600RT per freakin' person, for christ's sake!
  • share this gorgeous short film by ben briand, found on gypsy*diaries and watched in the quiet of midnight last night. enjoy!!

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