Wednesday, September 26, 2012

apartment peeks

i always promise to show our new digs whenever we move, mtv cribs style, but as i don't have millions of dollars to make our rented apartments look just as i'd like, i always end up procrastinating, hesitating, and generally putting it off.

i straightened up and took pictures of our whole place the other day, and going through them now, i am embarrassed by many :(  while i always try to find a home with character like brick walls (shadyside apt), vaulted ceilings and a killer view (crown mountain, st. thomas), or awesome decks and a fireplace (here in boulder!), the inevitable result of renting means there will be cons for every pro.

this time around there are lots of pros:
- aforementioned working fireplace. grey-and-black pebble and rough stone!
- perfectly "us" pre-painted rooms in greyish-blues and white!
- two HUGE west-facing decks with lots of sun and views
- a guest room (that has already housed guests!)!
- TONS of storage and closet space!
- a bedroom! it's not a studio like the last two!
- unoffensive and mostly neutrally-stylish furniture included!
- equipped kitchen
- free wi-fi (shhh! don't tell the neighbors!)

but then there are the cons, cons that seem to glare out of every photo:
- baseboard heaters
- baseboard heaters that are falling apart!
- window/through-the-wall AC units
- window/through-the-wall AC units that are falling apart!
- kitchen cabinets that don't fully close
- popcorn ceiling and textured walls
- beige stained carpet. throughout.

overall, the pros totally outweigh the cons and we love the place!  if we could have a dog, life would be perfect here!  i can't wait to get some firewood and cozy up when the snow starts falling!

the bed is now up! bought a base so J could stop complaining about how "ghetto" it looked

 crazy art and empty shelves; a work in progress

my view every morning :)

Friday, September 14, 2012


i will never stop loving to color

next one : cool colors

_  _

Thursday, September 6, 2012

dream couch

surprisingly, i don't really love much else in this photo, but i would sell a good chunk of my soul for that couch.


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

damn darkness!

i really want to take pictures of our apartment to show everyone, but i only seem to remember when it's dark out, and this place get's such great afternoon light i refuse to post a house tour of only artifcially lit rooms!


asap, i promise!!