Tuesday, September 20, 2011

childhood, revisited

it's 4:30 am and why (beyond the normal reasons for my night-owlishness) am i not yet abed?

this is why: huxtablehotness

he says it best in the subtitle-line:
"In which I review the sartorial choices of the characters on "The Cosby Show" one episode at a time."

... i could read the screen-shot captions alone and still fall off the couch laughing.

Monday, September 5, 2011


I apologize for my absence of late and wish I could blame it on our recent computer problems, heavy work schedules, or lack of indoor/down-time, but in reality, I've just been lazy.

Any free time I've had has been devoted to sleeping, reading, and reading while feeling guilty about not being outside / cleaning / purging junk / or researching our next step in life, thus, no time to think up good post-worthy posts. Terrible.

On the upside, Jake finally caved to his iPad obsession and bought the 2, which is AMAZING. We're definitely smitten. I'm sure this is partly due to the fact that we don't have iPhones or even smart phones, so all this technology and the handy apps are all brand-new to us, but I think I've finally got a handle on it and can get back to sharing my inspirations and ideas, plans and projects with the blogosphere!


For now, some pics to round up my blog-MIA-summer :)

essential backyard hammock time

lots of turnpike time

some rural exploration time

And our favorite, together time