Thursday, August 19, 2010


i promise once we get settled (and have constant internets) there will be more consistent blogging going on. i SWEAR!

for now, some things that have been catching my eye lately:

this gorgeous Brunswick Stew created by Kevin Gillespie of Top Chef fame

Budapest! want to go (or live) here soon!!

this cork map satisfies so many of my needs and likes:
maps, cork, pointless wall art...

Always enticed by the thought of growing our own food despite our mobile/apartment lifestyle, this Edible Greens Kit is right up my alley! $50 too much right now? possibly. maybe i can recreate it for cheaper myself!

this shower curtain from killy & oliver's bathroom redo

Can't wait to settle down for a bit!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

cool things

so it is pretty much a fact that since we've returned to the mainland, Jake and I are rarely in one place for more than two days. In general the places repeat themselves, but living outta suitcases for over a month and a half is getting old. seriously.

that said, there have been some pretty cool developments recently!

in no particular order:

- new (used) car!! finally! vehicular freedom!!

2004 Mazda 6 - 5 speed, 5 door, 5... awesomeness.

- new computer! who knew way back when I spilled wine on Jake's fancy laptop, I MEAN IT RANDOMLY JUST BROKE I DON'T KNOW HOW! ... that it would result first in a broken G key and finally in a free new computer! We thought we'd have to have it sent out for cleaning or refurbishing or whatever they could do to make the keyboard start working properly again, but upon arriving at the Geek Squad desk at Best Buy, their computers told us to just pick out a new one! It was to be comparable in price and stats or whatever, so obviously we looked for the most expensive one they had since Jake bought the old one a year ago when we were super flush (right. totally.) and as we walked out of the store with new computer in box Jake definitely said "um, waaay better than 'comparable'" and we've pretty much been as giddy as ... well, as grown-ups with a super-sweet new laptop!

"visually inspired by the Lockheed F117A Nighthawk Stealth Fighter" ... and it just feeeels so nice!

- new apartment! After a couple of attempts of finding a place to live in Pittsburgh, being very unimpressed by what's out there and contemplating moving anywhere else we finally found the place for us in the 'burgh! We've been talking it up so much to family, friends, and random tourists alike, so we felt we couldn't bail on the steel city. Everywhere gets a year (or at least the 11 months of our lease)!

so check out what will be our sweet new digs as of September 1st! Strangely, much bigger in person, even full of previous tenants stuff! Also, giant storage closet on front wall will possibly become a bouldering cave :D

- possible job! I've applied for a job and won't post details here and now, but I've been told I'll probably get it. They have got to be the S L O W E S T follow-uppers ever though. You would think when a job opening is posted, the company would be anxious to fill the position, but they sure take their time about responding and interviewing! I really should not be complaining in the least though as I am totally not in town. (Great. Now I've jinxed it and they'll want to set up an interview tomorrow.)

fingers crossed for more cool stuff ahead!