Saturday, August 29, 2009

New Scooter!

As you can see, it's quite the designer vehicle! Snazzy gray camo, boomin' speakers, custom chrome foot pads... gonna be good time zipping around the island on this baby!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cabin Fever

As our departure at the end of September approaches, I realize IT IS NOT APPROACHING QUICKLY ENOUGH!

Baltimore is making me stir-crazy!!

Jake has gone to Pittsburgh for 5 days to visit family. I'm home with nothing to do (besides packing, cleaning, more packing and cleaning, laundry, using up food before we move out, and cleaning) and as the bro and I have two days off mid-week, he suggested CAMPING! We LOVE camping!

So, spur of the moment, I think we'll head up to the Deep Creek area with a stop in Htown for the tent tomorrow! Nature, here we come!

It got me thinking about rustic cabins, the woods and nature-as-decor, so, for your viewing pleasure, the results of wasted time browsing the internet decorating a house I don't have!

Love the light and the simplicity - easy to go overboard with "rustic."

I'm a sucker for cute S&P shakers!

Maybe not what you think of when you think rustic cabin but as my "rustic" tends towards the french/euro chic rusticity, here we have modern rustic.

These house numbers come in multiple finishes, but I think I prefer the antique copper since it's coloring is the brown-est and woodsiest.

More of an Out of Africa rustic camping safari resort chic ;)

I love the warmth and coloring of this braided rug.

And for that touch-of-class: Bears motor boating in a Chriscraft:

Friday, August 7, 2009

Holy Crap!

... that sorta didn't work! I haven't blogged in like 2 weeks. For the record, I was kinda off the grid for most of this week during awesome family get-togethers (reunion, bridal shower, cook-out, camping, driving all over the states of PA, NJ and MD...) but STILL! I promised to blog more!

Here's the info: What Kate is...

F it. I don't care if you know. I have like 5 books waiting to be read and all of them are much more intellectually engaging than this but what do I care if you know I throw a NR in every now and again? (and again and again and again...)

Oooo! Keanu, you're so baaad!
ps. Check out that creepy grin Denzel is giving you!

Listening to
Kate Miller-Heidke, an Australian singer/songwriter from Brisbane. Specifically listening to The Facebook Song, but some of her other stuff is good too.
(warning: language! ...teehee!)

Other than that I should probably do a real post sometime soon, but it's after midnight here and I just got off work after the first day of restaurant week and I am LE TIRED so I'll think of some real material later.