Monday, May 24, 2010

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just a round-up of things I've been reading/digging/loving right now:

why oh why wasn't it i who took this photo?! ie. i want to be there!

Prêt à Voyager is quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs, mostly because she resides in paris but also because she hails from baltimore!! i lovelovelove the boarding pass series and frequently find new blogs to read through the interesting travelers she features. also, great paris blogs and generally fabulous links on her page!

she recently returned to charm city for a wacky race around (and in! eek!) the harbor called the baltimore kinetic sculpture race - check out the post and pics here!

gabby the gypsy in budapest

one of the blogs i've found through her and become devoted to is gypsy*diaries by a chica living in budapest. oh man can i tell you i've had a thing for budapest ever since seeing how cheap the housing is there on househuntersinternational? i want to mooove there! the city looks gorgeous and i am totally living vicariously through this girl

a sneak peek from england!

emma and james emmerson of greeting card and stationery publisher 1973 show off their gorgeous victorian home in brighton, england. click the picture for more!

the sneak peek feature on design*sponge is one of my favorite recurring posts because of all the inspiration garnered from real homes around the world. granted, i may be partial to the european aesthetic, but i like them all in their own way ;)

other newly-found blogs intéressants:
bikinis and passports - vicky, living in vienna - travel, pics, fashion
5 inch and up - sandra, finnish fashion student in london - some beautiful pictures

ciao for now! bedtime!!

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