Saturday, May 15, 2010


I fell asleep with Jake at 10pm and just woke up at 12:50, decided to get ready for bed and finish facebooking and checking my google reader when the house started trembling! It felt like a big airplane was passing, and the water bottles on the desk were vibrating.

I looked it up and the time matches perfectly, so it really wasn't the space shuttle.

Not a huge event, but it lasted about 10-15 seconds and was only the third earthquake I've been awake to feel! I guess I've probably felt them during the daytime before, but I think they're more noticeable in the quiet hours late at night and in the early morning when you don't have 30 other things going on to distract you.

Not enough to make Jake jump up and flee the house (like some other earthquake we felt and over-reacted to!) but he did lift his head up and look around sleepily.

In other news, I broke the g key on our laptop. It just completely doesn't work, but I still press it and forget it does nothing, so pardon any missing g's! Typing is slowed and editing a must. Google and going are difficult. Le sigh.

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  1. I was wondering if you felt the earthquake!! My aunt and I were reading the website that lists the planet's quakes...awesssome!