Friday, October 9, 2009


It was just announced this week that Conde-Nast Publications will be cutting another wonderful magazine, this time Gourmet, a food-zine that had been running almost seventy years!

This wouldn't necessarily be blog-worthy to me, except that I am a subscriber, and on top of that, I only subscribed to it as a free switch from Domino, a shelter mag that was closed last year right after I resubscribed to it! AND bought gift subscriptions for two friends!!

Candace and I narrowed our switches down to Gourmet or Bon Appetit and while they both have their loyal followers, we each decided to go with Gourmet, because we're classy like that. We enjoyed the travel pieces, restaurant reviews, delicious recipes and gorgeous gorgeous photography (I decided to save mine to frame the covers upon receiving the first issue) and it will be sorely missed in our households.

Adieu, Gourmet.

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