Wednesday, January 28, 2009


They've just announced that Domino Mag will be no more. The last issue is to be March's. This is uber sad on many fronts, but mostly because I had just really started to enjoy the magazine over the past fall! I'd been receiving it for about 2 years now since my sister-soul-mate Lydia recommended it to me, but I didn't really like it much at first. Then I was abroad all last year so they were piling up in my absence. When I got back from Taiwan I discovered that I really liked a lot of the new ones - maybe it was the "nesting" kicking in as we went apartment hunting and planned to be here for a few years... but I was really loving them! I even sent two gift subscriptions to friends for Christmas and told them how much I loved it! I'd just finished my January issue (maybe it was Feb... eek! That's one less then!) when I read about the closure on Decorno and now I'm really sad!

ps. do I get a refund on my renewal?

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