Thursday, January 15, 2009

addictions, two.

So the last (first!) post was titled addictions but was more about history, or perhaps, evolution. I don't really feel like changing the title though, so I'll just pretend it was all supposed to make sense in the continuation - THIS!

To jump right in, here are a few things I'm obsessed with:

I find myself drawn more and more towards "mid-century modern" or "danish modern" the more I read design mags and blogs... strange because I've always been such an "ikea modern" type before. The ikea-hate is rubbing off on me somewhat, but I still love spotting their items in house tours I love, like this one: vintage modern

I've been haunting craigslist's furniture section despite the knowledge that my mother would kill me if she knew I bought furniture when I could potentially outfit an entire home with what's in her basement. Or the fact that I have no place for anymore furniture right now. Which is why:

I've also been haunting the apartment section even though our lease runs through September.

Le sigh.

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