Sunday, October 4, 2009

Settling in in St. Thomas

We arrived at Cyril E King Airport in St. Thomas ten days ago and were promptly met by a member of the bomb squad ... ominous beginning? Not so; he's our housemate! Larry gave us a lift to our new casa de la montaña and back down to the local marina bar for drinks and delicious grub (I'd almost bought a sandwich on the plane but it was SEVEN DOLLARS!!!). We met Diane, who owns a huge sailboat over on St. John and she promised to take us out soon! After briefly seeing Evan as he headed to his second job, we returned home, organized a bit and crashed for the night - necessary since I hadn't slept at all in preparation for our 7am flight!

I love places where you deboard onto the tarmac like in old movies

It was cold cold cold on the plane and hot hot hot on the ground - hence: fogged lens!

The next day we switched the two twin beds from our room with the king from Larry's as well as a dresser and we were finally set up! No pictures of the room yet as it's sorta a constant mess. If I every straighten it up well enough, I will take one I guess. The view from our bedroom window, now, that I have taken pictures of!

See the previous post for more pics from our window

Later that day we ran errands to Kmart (literally the best they've got here) and the supermarket. Jake and I then cleaned every dish, utensil, cup, cupboard and appliance in the kitchen and put everything away until our housemates arrived from a boating class they are all taking and we had our first house meeting! Everything went smoothly, it's gonna be a relaxed house, and we're already planning our first BYOB housewarming party!!

During our errands we set ourselves up on Larry's mailbox, so here is our new mailing address:

Jacob and Katharyn Hunka
8168 Crown Bay Marina, STE 310 - 343
St. Thomas, V.I. 00802-5819

Since our first few days we've explored a bit (they drive on the left here!),

seen a few beaches (3 so far!),

run some more errands (Cost-U-Less bulk store cost us more), and followed up some job leads: Jake and I had an interview from a yacht racing company yesterday that went very well and we're going out on a sail with them this Saturday! Fingers-crossed we get the jobs!

I leave you with: the iguana on Magen's Bay Beach

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