Saturday, January 23, 2010


Jake and I are proud of all the international traveling we have accomplished and are always looking for ways to do/afford more, but we are sadly ashamed of our lack of travel stateside. We've decided that a major roadtrip is in order for a number of reasons:

  • Visiting friends and family across the country
  • Seeing this huge, beautiful, varied land of ours
  • Experiencing life inside the US, but away from the mid-atlantic
  • Getting a feel for other areas of the country and possibly finding a place to "settle down" ... ok, at least to use as a more permanent base!

To accomplish this roadtrip we need one rather important item: a vehicle! And what better way to drive around for three months (?) and still save money than by taking your "hotel" with you?! Motorhomeeee!!

I'm inspired by a couple from Texas who recently did the same thing and blogged about it here

And I love how they renovated their little camper; check out the before & afters!

Since Jake and I don't already have a car, much less a Lexus SUV that could pull a camper, we'd love to get a RV motorhome truck-camper combo, but nothing too big! Some promising ones (read: cheap!) have popped up on craigslist already!

I love the retro look of this '75 Dodge Coachman, and the fact that it's a blank-slate makes it appealing in the renovation department. Jake was admiring this Wally tender the other day and would like to apply the paint job and decal to this camper!

The second option out there may get dismissed right off the bat by some as it does currently have some "cosmetic problems" ... but I'm pretty sure it's in better shape than the Dodge AND it comes with a kegerator! With inside and outside taps! We'd have to rotate beer and cider to make me happy, but hey! Who needs to store food, pshhh! Quick paint job and you're set!

So obviously we have some thinking to do in the upcoming months. For now we're stuck in paradise, working on boats, snorkeling with turtles and waiting for visitors - where are you all!??!

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