Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year

WTF can you believe it's 2010? Twenty-ten? Two thousand ten!? Crazy, man. When I say or think "ten years ago" I'm thinking 1990, not Y2K! Freakin' TIME screwing with me! Where does it GO?!

Well, to reflect, it has been a pretty sweet decade:

High School buddies 2002
Bus Boy Brothers, New Years Eve 2003

Paris with Sarah, December 2004
Corsica, Spring 2006
London with Lydia, February 2005

Swansea, Wales, February 2005
Annapolis Rocks 2005
Praha 2005-2006

Roma, 2006
Zillertal, Austria, February 2006

Miami, August 2007

Kid Castle Junior American A Class Halloween 2007
Jici Beach, Taiwan, 12-25-2007

Thailand, February 2008

WeGo class, Sping 2008
Cliff Jumping Party 2008

Oh yeah, we got married! 10/11/08

Kickin' some rockwall ass 2009
Jake's Bubba Hunka, Summer 2009

West Point, November 2009

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  1. Quite possibly the nicest and best looking couple to grace the scruffy shores of St Thomas in a very long time!!! Your life rocks. Keep up the good work lady, tell Jake I said hey!