Sunday, April 24, 2011

Motivation Needed

Today was Easter.  Work all week was slow, plus I was training a new server, plus I was so looking forward to Sunday, being off and hanging out with family, that it was really a wringer of a week.  It all finally (slowwwly, but finally!) ended at about 1:30am Sunday morning when I arrived home, packed some clothes and drove out to the hub's grandparents' for the holiday.  I may have been up until dawn in a sleeping household washing church clothes in the basement, but I'm usually up until about 5am anyway, so what's the difference?  Waking up a 10 (ok, 10:30) was not that hard!

Church was long, but my after-mass nap was awesome, and we made an Easter miracle by saving us all from caffeine-deprivation (walmart with the assist)!  Great day with family, lots of meat, creamy veggies and more candy and cake than I care to remember, thank you very much.

All that said, I have declared our day off today as THE DAY for spring cleaning the apartment.  When we first moved in, it wasn't so bad because we only moved the stuff we wanted.  But when our other lease finally ended and we had to just grab the rest and cram it in, and so our poor new apartment has come to resemble... a house of hoarders!!  THE HORROR!!!!!

updates to follow!!!

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