Saturday, March 5, 2011

a closet *sigh*

so I'm going through my google reader and up pops this post from stephmodo, one of my faves (she has a vacation home in southwest france, need I say more?) about the new collection at H&M. as I commented on her post, I have an H&M addiction, but have been clean since moving to the 'burgh.

let's not talk about the splurge that was practically the only thing I did in the 24 hours between my return flight from STT and the trip to Jamaica for the bro's wedding. the one in which I bought maybe 10 bikini seperates. after moving from a tropical island to the midatlantic. yes. anyway.

so, my money has been safe from the ravages of this euro-megastore for nigh on ... whoa! eight or nine months! (just counted - impressed with myself!!) and while I had a vague notion that there was a store somewhere in the vicinity, I didn't allow myself to dwell on the fact UNTIL I physically spotted it the other day!

luckily, we were in the car and it was in motion and I think we were late to meet friends... because otherwise, my wallet would have been in trouble! I contemplated a tuck-and-roll maneuver, but it was sorta a freak blizzard outside and I would have been risking insta-frostbite along with the road-rash.

but now, since that day (Feb 21st, pens v. caps, mark D in town, first H&M sighting - a date to remember!) it's all I can think about!! I mean, I'll wake up and have an hour or so before work and I'm all "hmm, maybe I could slip over to the south side and ... NO!" who am I kidding?! I would need at least a solid hour in the store itself! none of this "before work" crap!!

and then yesterday, my work buddy mentioned dropping clothes off at a consignment store and I jumped on the bandwagon. really, I sorta forced myself on said wagon, because, shamefully, I am currently using our spare apartment (woo, sounds fancy, right? PAY MY DOUBLE BILLS and call it that!) as a giant closet of shame for all the stuff I don't want to go through, including all the clothes I haven't washed (re: biting infestation) or don't want or are warm-weather. SO, I was super productive, all before work, went over, sorted all my clothes, put hopefuls into a small box and others (to get rid of) into a large one and was off to chuck 'em! I say "hopefuls" because we were headed to a trendy-hipster consignment shop, and so I put my hippest stuff in the little box.

... and they accepted exactly ONE item ...


they only accepted ONE of my friend's items too, and she's WAY hipper than me!

consignment fail.

i'm now on the search for a more accepting, welcoming, less snooty shop that will take my cool, if not hip, gently worn articles of clothing.

it totally boosted my sorting-confidence, at least in the clothes department, and I plan a secondary sort when sentimentality and time will be less in the way!

anyway, back to the H&M topic, maybe it's late (only 3:15am!) but my brain is trying to tell me that maybe I should go to the store, perhaps leaving my wallet in the car (you better not be reading this, car-breaking-into-thieves! ... oh wait, this isn't bmore. maybe ppl don't normally break car windows in broad daylight on busy streets here!) and just browse around in hopes of maybe upping my sorting/getting-rid-of resolve! because I have noticed that I always seem to keep clothes thinking "oh, it's a basic" or "I'll need a suit blazer and 10 skirts for when I get another hostessing or office job" ...

BUT WAIT. NOTE TO KATIE: you are not getting an office job. and you're not hostessing again (not 16 anymore...) and even when you were a teacher you didn't wear this stuff! and, if/when the time comes that you need ____ piece of clothing, you are going to want to buy something new ANYWAY! TIME TO GO!

so, I'm nixing the wallet-less shopping trip idea, cause I'm sure to find something I just MUST BUY IMMEDIATELY ... in favor of more sorting! I'm off work for the next 2 days and Jake works one, so there is no reason not to go over to that dismal, creepy, empty-ish (except for the bugs and roach carcasses) apartment and sort through more stuff to lose!

now, WHO'S WITH ME?!!!!!!

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  1. You realize, it is taking everything I have *not* to come speeding up there to help sort & pitch. I LOVE IT! Take pictures... let me live vicariously through you.

    Also? Think of it this way: you are NOT allowed to buy anything unless you also get rid of one/two/three things. Motivation, WOOO!