Monday, November 29, 2010

apartment evolution

It's been almost three months since we moved in, and I can only hang my head in shame at the long overdue-ness of an apartment post.
S H A M E !

The hubs and I moved into a 690sq.ft. studio apartment in September, and found it's amazing how much stuff you can accumulate even while living out of the country for a couple years! I know my parents are glad we finally took this stuff, and we were happy to gather it all up, though once again in shock (as I believe everyone is when moving) at how much stuff we actually have! I think it all multiplied in our absence!

Don't worry, we still found room to merit a couple of IKEA runs - gotta continue the international tradition: mattresses in Prague, tables in Taipei... And thanks to craigslist we picked up a few other items on the cheap :)

While it's still not completely "done," I'm beginning to feel confident enough to share a few select (read: edited, which means junk shoved off surfaces out of shot) of our studio, after months of trial-and-error rearranging.

Sequence one: living room

too empty

too full

too tabley

too linear

juuust right

now, that was (obviously) a few weeks ago, and things have been settling for a month - plant mishaps, no more halloween, art up on the walls... well here are a few up-to-date pictures to supplement:

Next time, maybe I'll clean the bedroom and kitchen for yinz guys!

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  1. Knob Creek! Looks good - I love your plants! I used to have a lot, but Leo tears everything apart if it's not at least 3 feet off the ground, so we had to say adeu (sp?) to my floor plants for the time being. Hope you guys are loving the new place!