Sunday, June 6, 2010


I just can't stop singing it! But since my last post about the ridiculousness of flight-prices and the difficulty of getting from st. thomas to jamaica (and it's still stupid) a lot has changed! In short, our entire move-home timetable has been pushed up by about a month! Now, instead of leaving stt in July and having to work out how to get to jamaica and back and eventually home, it's all happening right now and much more simply... sorta.

Jake is going to be leaving stt by boat. He's sailing two farr40s up to s. carolina two separate times beginning next weekend. Super exciting for him and I'm super jealous. But he's missing the wedding.

I'm leaving by aeroplane on the 17th. So soon! Sad to be leaving all our friends and work, but excited to fly to jamaica on the same (much cheaper) flights with two of my siblings! And then, I'll be home a month ahead of our previous schedule with much more time to look at apartments and jobs in:

begins 07/2010

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  1. OMG you are going to be within driving distance! yes!!