Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Our New Couch

So Jake and I bought a new couch a week ago off craigslist and I'm so anxious to someday get to use it! There are two areas where the stitching around the buttons pulled apart, which is almost a good thing - if it were not damaged Jake and Hilary probably would have switched it our for her couch we're using now, and as I'd like it to stay in good condition, our livingroom would not be a good place for it. (I'm already worried about all the food I've dropped onto our rug while eating in front of the tv, but luckily it's reversible!)

The man we bought it from was moving and said he had purchased it a few years ago at Nouveau on Belvedere Square in Baltimore for over $2k. While Jake feels like he said this with hopes of impressing us (it failed as neither of us knew of the store), I hope he was telling the truth because all the couches there are very expensive and that means we got something of good quality? The damaged spots are not too bad and hopefully an easy fix.

And the bonus is I discovered that the seat of the couch is actually a cushion, so that will make taking it for repairs SOOO much easier! I was thinking of taking just the cushion to a couple of upholstry shops and getting quotes.

Now if September would just come a bit faster and we could find the perfect apartment in which to use this sweet sofa!

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