Thursday, March 19, 2009


I've actually been intrigued by pre-fab homes lately. And as they no longer only come in the "double-wide" style, many designers have been creating their own eco-home pre-fabricated versions! I can't tell whether I really like the very modern, flat style of them; I think I need to be rich so that I can have two homes: one modern and eco friendly, the other old, creaky and worn-in (but I'd still like to "green" the old one as much as possible!).

Below are a couple examples I like:

(above) photos of Michelle Kaufman's Glidehouse;

(above) The Johnson Creek weeHouse in Honesdale, Pennsylvania. With weeHouse, prices range from just $65,000 for a studio version to over $300,000 for 2000+ square feet like the 4 piece weeHouse below in Minnesota:

Another interesting trend are the homes created from retired shipping containers.

(above) A SanFrancisco Bay are container home.

(above) Two shots of a container home at Cove Park.

I especially like the over-run earthyness of the Seatrain Container Home above, as if nature is reclaiming the metal home.

For more info, check out these posts on prefab homes from Style-Crave and Living Box.

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