Sunday, February 8, 2009

sofa temptation

ARGH! I'm having a sofa temptation and I don't know whether to restrain myself or give in! If I let it pass, it may be something my future self would kick my present self for not snatching up! But I am just not sure, and I don't have to space to store it, much less use it now.

Decor blogs and magazines make me want to invest in it - the rolled-back quality plus the nail-head trim details make me think it's a classic keeper, but I wonder about the condition/color of the leather and if it would still be worth it if it desperately needs (very expensive) re-upholstering/re-filling the cushions/adding feet (can't tell if it has them) etc.

Here is the sofa in question; pardon the bad seller's pic:

It looks like it may only be a love-seat size really, but for $175 that's ok.

Here are some examples of potential:

so would buying this sofa totally be worth it, or would the cost of re-doing it just be the same as buying a new "perfect" one? I don't know and I don't know how to find out :(

**addendum** I just discovered that design*sponge wrote a great sofa guide a while back; great info on styles, prices, and pros-and-cons for each!

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